July Favourites

P1000714I actually have not been loving many new products this month, and I noticed most of my beauty favourites have been things that I’ve had for a while but rediscovered and now loving even more than when I first bought them!


1) I wouldn’t say I’m a massive fan of pink shimmery colours on the lips, but velvetgh0st from Youtube sold me on this one! It’s Mac Lustre Lipstick in the shade Plink! It is a perfect moisture full lipstick that gives a lovely light sheen to the lips and I love it that is it.

2) I had this in my skincare collection for a while now but not used it yet because it was a weird one until about two months ago I thought I would try it and I am loving it! I use it in the morning when I apply moisturising and I do the same at night and it totally helps my eye bags stay at bay! Perfect little product.

3) I haven’t been one to branch out to loose or mineral products but my mum has had this Bare Minerals powered bronzer for a while but never tried it because it was too dark for her. Being the bronzer/contour fanatic that I am I had to try it, and can I say I’m in love, it is so light on the skin and natural looking yet perfect for tanned skin and gives that contour sculpted cheeks affect! My go to bronzer right now.

4) Honestly I was getting sick of applying my face makeup with a brush because I would always find that every brush would make my foundation streaky, maybe it was just the way I applied it who knows *laughs at self* but my sister gave me one of her DUPE’S for the real beauty blender and can I just say again.. that I am in love! It makes my skin look airbrushed and flawless and makes the foundation go on so seamless even though it is a dupe you could never tell because it works wonders!

5) So many people have raved about this so I had to get a sample and try it out instead of buying it full price. It is the Clinque High Impact Mascara and the BEST mascara I have ever tried. It gives volume x100 whilst lengthening the lashes! My all time favourite mascara.

6) And going back to basics… see what I done there;). I re-discorved my love for the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette and I love it for everyday use as it is so compact and perfect for everyday looks.


I have been loving Ed Sheeran’s new album which is just outstandingly amazing and probably his best yet! Expected from him

Thanks for reading, let me know in the comments what you have been loving from the month of July?

Meru x

*These are my opinions only.


How I Deep Clean My Makeup Brushes

P1000681P1000679Β I can’t be the only one who hates washing their makeup brushes?! But it is a must unless you want bacteria full, grubby makeup brushes. Also I can’t be the only one to hate using different products and spending so much money on a brush cleaner when frankly you can get one just as good half the price. For example I use the Johnson’s Baby Shampoo and it does my brushes wonders!!

It leaves them super soft, fluffy and does not dry out the bristles. It removes all the dirt and bacteria build up without damaging the brushes. It is a perfect way of cleaning your brushes especially if you are on a budget. I do like using my Mac brush cleanser for spot cleaning if I want a brush right there and then but it doesn’t deep clean them how I know you should be doing one a week at least.

1. Lay the grubby brushes out.

2. Get the bristles a bit damp with warm water making sure to keep the bristles pointed down the whole time.

3. Squeeze a tiny bit of the product onto your palm and rub the brush thoroughly in the palm of your hand getting rid of the dirt making sure to rinse with the warm water at the same time.

4. Give the brushes one sat squeeze as you don’t want soap in your brushes.

5. Lay them out flat of the bristles facing down to dry. I would usually wait over night until they are completely dry depending on how dense the brush it.

My camera died and I couldn’t find the battery charger so I wasn’t able to get an after picture of the brushes but just believe me when I say they turned out super soft and clean

Hope you enjoyed reading.

Give me suggestions on what other products I could use to clean my brushes?

Much Love

Meru x

Home Made Face and Body Exfoliator


I’ve noticed this past week that my skin is getting quite bad with break outs and also I realised that my skin all over my body was starting to become really dry especially in this hot weather and as much as I moisturise the dryness just never stays at bay 😦

My sister and I came up with this home made exfoliator which only requires 4 ingredients which are most likely to already be in the convenience of your own home, so you don’t need to worry about running to the shops to make this.

We came up with a honey, lemon, sugar, and oil exfoliator. It is similar to the lush lip scrubs but this can be used all over your body, face and lips, also you do not need to pay Β£5 for a tiny tub. This amount of ingredients we use is enough to cover your body.

You will need:

1 table spoon of Honey

Quarter cup of Sugar

Half table spoon of olive oil or jojoba oil

and 3-5 drops of Juice out of a freshly squeezed lemon (not necessary)

Just add everything into a bowl and give it a mix. It should create a paste like consistency with the little bits of sugar still visible.

I would just hop into the shower or bath exfoliate with this and honestly it the best thing I have ever tried it leaves my skin super super soft and hydrated! I probably won’t ever waste money on exfoliators as this does the job for me 10x better. The oil hydrates and brings all of that moisture back into the skin, whilst the sugar exfoliates taking the dead skin cells away and the honey provides powerful healing enzymes which will help regain clearer, more polished and beautiful skin. I let one of my friends try this out, she said it made her fake tan go on smoothly and said her legs felt like silk.

This only issue I would say with using this is not to over scrub your body and especially face or try not to scrub too hard as it can leave you with redness and irritation. So be careful and a light hand will go a long way.

Who’s willing to try putting food on your face? Let me know in the comments if you tried it and how it made your skin feel and look?

Thanks for reading everyone.

Let me know in the comments if you tried this out or not πŸ™‚

Much Love

Meru x

Night Time Skincare Routine

P1000637For someone who wears as much makeup as I do, I’ve never been into skincare, purely because I’m lazy, but I do know how important it is to maintain healthy skin. I searched about the stores high-end and drugstore, but everything seem so complicated and time consuming to me, I slowly started to gather a bunch of products together that I know I loved also ones that my skin would actually benefit from. Plus I wanted my skincare routine to be fun and not turn it into a chore and something I wanted to do not something that I knew I had to do.

I narrowed my routine down to using these 6 products, I know it sounds a lot but I don’t use every single one of them everyday I would change it up between the 6.

I’m one to wear really heavy eye makeup on a daily basis and JUST cleansers never work for me. So I do use wipes *slaps wrist* but they do the job and work perfectly fine for me for taking my makeup off roughly. Once i’m finished that I would then use the Biore Balancing Cleanser because that stuff is amazing for removing all of your face makeup and leaving your skin super soft and clean. Plus its only Β£2.69 in T.j Hughes, can’t go wrong.

If i’m having a bad skin day and I have a lot of pores then I would use a easy face scrub that would instantly help banish pores, so I went for the Garnier Pure Active anti-blackhead deep pore wash, as it does the job and really does help to eliminate pores around the nose especially quickly.

Once I’ve finished cleaning my whole face from that days makeup I would want to bring the moisture back into my skin and feel more refreshed in these hot clammy nights I want something to sooth and cool my face, that’s when my Lush Eau Roma Toner Water comes in, all I do is spritz that on my face a few times, wait for it to dry as it leaves the skin smelling and feeling, amazingly fresh. After that I apply my Simple Revitalising Roll-on, which is a gel for under eyes to help puffiness and hydrate that part of the skin. It really does work I’ve seen such a difference since adding this into my skincare routine.

Last but not least I always moisturise before bed as that helps heal all my skin while I’m sleeping also it brings all the moisture back. I love this one from Simple as its very hydrating but light at the same time also it has SPF 15 which is useful for during the day.

Whats your favourite skincare picks?

Hope you enjoyed reading.

Much Love Meru x

*These are my views, the products in this post were all bought with my own money.

Lip Product Addict TAG



So I’ve seen this tag floating about Youtube for a while, and I’ve seen it now and then on different blog’s, which is the Lip Product Addict Tag which you can see by the title of course, this tag was created by the amazing Amelia Liana and Essie Button you can watch their video here.

This was quite a hard tag for me as I have accumulated many different lipsticks and lip balm’s and everything to do with lips over the past 3 years or so thereforeI have quite a lot to choose from, but I narrowed it down and here is my take on this tag.


1. Favorite balm/treatment?

Nivea vanilla and macadamia lip butter for sure! It leaves the lips moisturised for hours underneath lipstick or own its own, also it smells devine, I have tried other scented balms from this collection and they’re just not the same. This one stands out by far. You can buy it here.

2. Best eye-catching red?

Rimmel London Colour Sensation Lipstick in the shade Fatal Red is the most eye-catching as it is so dark but vibrant at the same time, also it last’s SOO long on the lips, the colour literally wouldn’t fade until you wanted it to. Plus it is stunning for AW time as its very vampy and suits that time of the month. You can buy it here.

3. Best luxury & best drugstore?

One of my best luxury products has to be a new one to my collection that I got sent, it is from New Cid Cosmetics and its a lip and cheek tint crayon in the shade 9055 Rose Tint. I personally am amazed as I have never seen a lip crayon which can also be used as a blush colour! and honestly its so worth the price! its a beautiful dusky pink colour looks shimmery on the stick but I would say it is almost glossy. You can purchase is here.

Best drugstore would have to be the MUA lipsticks as they are only Β£1!!! You can’t really go wrong there, plus their colour range is amazing! Definitely would recommend to anybody, they’re available to buy in superdrug.

4. Best MAC lipstick?

My all time favourite MAC lipstick would have to be Captive which is a lightish purplel colour with browny pink under tones. I love how it suits my skin tone perfectly and looks flawless with any makeup, also the colour is not very dark and daunting therefore it is suitable for all seasons in my opinion. You can buy it here.

5. The most disappointing?

This was hard as I haven’t found a lip product that is very disappointing but if I had to say I would say is the Maybelline Baby Lips. I’m specifically talking about the first collection of Baby Lips they brought out in the UK, they’re very disappointing for me because they just don’t do anything but smell nice, the hype around I think was for nothing.

6. Liner – yes or no?

Depends sometimes if I’m feeling it that day I will wear it, sometimes I won’t. I really have been loving wearing liner with a strong bold lipstick as lining your lips makes the lips look more defined and put together, but I wouldn’t line my lips if I was to wear a nude lipstick as it really doesn’t make a different on my lips.

7. Best gloss?

I’ve said this in another blog post but my best lipgloss is Barry M’s Toffee lipgloss, as I am one to wear a nude lip on a daily basis I usually like a gloss on top and this one literally matches every nude lipstick plus it smells amazing and it is no sticky at all. 10 points for you Barry M. You can buy it here.

8. Something extra!

For this question I had no idea what to put here! but with some hard thinking I realised I might as well give some credit to the product that keeps my lips fresh and smooth, which is the Lush lip scrub in Bubblegum, they also do different scents but this one has to be my favourite! The only thing I would say that I dries out like the oil in the product dries out after 6 months as I went through a stage of not using it and it just turned into little grains of sugar with no moisture 😦 you can buy it here.

Hope you enjoy reading.

Much love

Meru x


*These are my views only.

Viktor And Rolf ‘Flowerbomb’ Review




rrp Β£58 for 50ml in Debenhams buy HERE

So recently I came across the Flowerbomb perfume by Viktor And Rolf, and I decided to give it a little test in Debenhams, as soon as I smelled it I was IN LOVE. I was instantly hooked to the perfume and I knew there was no going back. It smells a tiny bit floral like but more of a grown up sexy scent if that even makes sense! But its devine… I had a glance at the price tag and died a little bit, but I was running low of my current favourite perfume back then which was Lady Gaga ‘The Fame’ and knew I had to replace it sooner or later. I couldn’t be more pleased with the decision of buying this one.

I’ve worn only this perfume non stop the past week and so many people have been complimenting me saying I smell nice, or asking what perfume I am wearing and honestly I love those types of compliments I mean who wouldn’t right??

Also the packaging is super cute πŸ˜‰


Hope you enjoy reading this post.

Much Love

– Meru x



*These are my own views, I paid for this product with my own money.

This month’s drugstore faves

I do like a good ol’ excuse to put pretty makeup together and take a picture so I do, hehe. By the title “this month’s” I really mean not only July but June because July just started ;).

The Drugstore or Boots/Superdrug as you would call it in the UK are really killing it with their deals and new makeup lines that are coming out that I couldn’t resist! So I picked a few little bits out of the makeup I’ve accumulated over the last two months and I thought i’d just tell you how I think they are, basically.


I guess I’ll start with base as in foundation’s, I wanted to find a light BB Cream because most I’ve found are really heavy on the skin plus I wanted one with SPF and found this one from L’Oreal and its a BB Cream that has little micro skin things that match to the colour of your skin tone, coolest thing I’ve ever used! and it is amazing. Highly recommend. Idk why I included Vaseline becauseΒ I’ve been using it for years lol but I just bought a new pot of it last week so I think thats why I wanted to include it whoops. Underneath my foundation I have been loving using primer especially on summery hot days, primer is my best friend, and this Rimmel London one is perfect as it is not silicone based and I LOVE that as it doesn’t feel heavy or sticky on my face. You can see I couldn’t choose between concealers, I own so many drugstore ones but here’s two I picked up recently. The Lasting Perfection Concealer by Collection and the Seventeen Stay Time 24 Hour concealer I think its called… Well they’re both as great as each other! Cant go wrong they do the job what more do you want eh? Contour is definitely my favourite part of my makeup routine, And both of these contour products are no strangers to my makeup collection. My favourite to contour with is the Sleek Contour Kit in Light it has the most perfect ashy shade, but all over bronzing I prefer the Bourjour Bronzing Powder as it’s not as dark and gives a all around glow to the skin. Moving onto eyes, my go to mascara and eyeliners have to be the Maybelline Falsies Mascara, as it is the BEST drugstore mascara to ever exists. Also my fave eyeliners are the Liquid liner from collection as its only Β£2.99 and it is jet black plus takes 1 min to apply on both lids, but if I have more time in the morning to go all out I would use Gel liner and the one from maybelline to be exact as it gives a beautiful define sharp liner look with a feline effect and its my favourite eyeliner EVER! ps I use the pointed silicone eyeliner brush from Real Techniques to apply it. Last but not least LIPPSSSSS it was hard narrowing it down to just 2 fave lippy products as I’ve bought so many recently. But I’ve recently been loving a pinkly browny nude lip with a bit of gloss, and The rimmel london kate lipstick in the shade 19 with the barry M toffee lipgloss on top is the most perfect combo, it creates that Kimmy K look that everyone thrives for! plus the lipgloss smells AMAZING!!!!!!! plus if you line your lips before everything like I would do using a rimmel london lipliner then you’re lips instantly look fuller!

Much love

Meru x

All these products were bought with my own money, these are my views.

How to dress for work: good labels to look for

There is so many clothes out there that is a given, but there are specific makes and brands that tailor and make clothes to fit specific events and for specific requirements.

AT THE EXPENSIVE END Alexander McQueen does a selection of suits and jackets very sexy but appropriate too for work.

Chloe – blouses and dresses to take out a mortgage for.

Paul Smith for suits and dresses

Stella Mccartney specialises in tailoring and she seems to becoming into her rather fabulous prime.

Joseph – not exactly a label but a shop that understands the need to combine proper grown-up clothes with a good dollop of fashionable fizz. its rocker trousers are a staple in many a working woman’s wardrobe.


Betty Jackson knows how to cut a jacket so that its feminine, easy to wear and slots into the working wardrobe.

Diane von Furstenberg’s dresses may be a bit ubiquitous, but she keeps ringing the changes with fabrics and colours.

Anna Sui does great dresses, some brilliantly demure in a kind of sexy nanny way. P

hillip Lim is a label stocked by http://www.net-a-ported.com that I love and that is reasonable priced for what he offers.

MaxMara usually has great coats, jackets and dresses.

Sara Berman does brilliantly wearable versions of hot fashion trends.





Zara – for dresses, jackets and coats

Marks and Spencers – for good trousers and jackets. Check our the Limited Collection and Autograph.


Dorothy Perkins

hope you enjoyed reading this.

– Meru xo

The BEST Highlighters

There is a tone of makeup in this world that is a given. With a lot of makeup comes a lot of different highlighters e.g cream highlighters, powders, msg by MAC, cheap ones and dear ones, you get what I’m what I mean:) but personally I can easily narrow my choice down to just TWO of the best ones available in my opinion anyways πŸ™‚ I’ll start with the cheaper end of things… My first DRUGSTORE choice would have to be Seventeen Skin Wow Primer 3 Way Highlighter, yeah thats a handful.

Β£5.99 in boots.


Basically what it says on the bottle it does!! Glow and Prime. This highlighter is perfect for everywhere on the face where you want your features to be more prominent. I personally think it works best on me on my cupids bow with a red lip it is the most perfect combo! and you would never believe this little baby is on Β£5.99!!!! YES that is correct how bloody cheap! Honestly a tiny little pump of this would go a long way. Its worth the 6 quid.

And yes you guessed it my next all time fav highlighter has to be a dearer one but worth it the MAC Soft an Gentle Highlighter. This product is raved about for a reason. Im not gonna lie I literally just bought this 3 weeks ago and have used it every day since. It adds the most perfect glow ever and so worth the money which is gone up Β£1 in the last month, darn you MAC! I think the only reason there products go up in price like every month is because they always come out with new packaging, I actually preferred the old packaging but hey ho I’m not complaining the new one is still very sleek and gorgeous!Β 

Β£23 in shops / Β£22 online.


Yeah told you it was like basically the all time best highlighter in the world! I suggest wearing this with a smokey neutral eye! it looks beautiful that way πŸ™‚


Top one is the Seventeen Highighter

Bottom one is Soft ad Gentle


Hope you liked my little review:) leave a comment suggesting what next you would like to see reviewed and comment telling me your favourite highlighter:) I would love to know.



These are my views, all these products were bought with my own money.


DISCLAIMER *If there is anything on my page that has been sent to me by a PR company it will be mentioned throughout thatΒ specific blog post or at the bottom of that blogpost.