The BEST Highlighters

There is a tone of makeup in this world that is a given. With a lot of makeup comes a lot of different highlighters e.g cream highlighters, powders, msg by MAC, cheap ones and dear ones, you get what I’m what I mean:) but personally I can easily narrow my choice down to just TWO of the best ones available in my opinion anyways πŸ™‚ I’ll start with the cheaper end of things… My first DRUGSTORE choice would have to be Seventeen Skin Wow Primer 3 Way Highlighter, yeah thats a handful.

Β£5.99 in boots.

Basically what it says on the bottle it does!! Glow and Prime. This highlighter is perfect for everywhere on the face where you want your features to be more prominent. I personally think it works best on me on my cupids bow with a red lip it is the most perfect combo! and you would never believe this little baby is on Β£5.99!!!! YES that is correct how bloody cheap! Honestly a tiny little pump of this would go a long way. Its worth the 6 quid.

And yes you guessed it my next all time fav highlighter has to be a dearer one but worth it the MAC Soft an Gentle Highlighter. This product is raved about for a reason. Im not gonna lie I literally just bought this 3 weeks ago and have used it every day since. It adds the most perfect glow ever and so worth the money which is gone up Β£1 in the last month, darn you MAC! I think the only reason there products go up in price like every month is because they always come out with new packaging, I actually preferred the old packaging but hey ho I’m not complaining the new one is still very sleek and gorgeous!Β 

Β£23 in shops / Β£22 online.

Yeah told you it was like basically the all time best highlighter in the world! I suggest wearing this with a smokey neutral eye! it looks beautiful that way πŸ™‚


Top one is the Seventeen Highighter

Bottom one is Soft ad Gentle


Hope you liked my little review:) leave a comment suggesting what next you would like to see reviewed and comment telling me your favourite highlighter:) I would love to know.



These are my views, all these products were bought with my own money.


DISCLAIMER *If there is anything on my page that has been sent to me by a PR company it will be mentioned throughout thatΒ specific blog post or at the bottom of that blogpost.



7 thoughts on “The BEST Highlighters

    1. Thanks for telling me, ill have a look right now πŸ™‚ I know right so have I! its became a step that I just cannot live without in my everyday makeup routine x


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