This month’s drugstore faves

I do like a good ol’ excuse to put pretty makeup together and take a picture so I do, hehe. By the title “this month’s” I really mean not only July but June because July just started ;).

The Drugstore or Boots/Superdrug as you would call it in the UK are really killing it with their deals and new makeup lines that are coming out that I couldn’t resist! So I picked a few little bits out of the makeup I’ve accumulated over the last two months and I thought i’d just tell you how I think they are, basically.


I guess I’ll start with base as in foundation’s, I wanted to find a light BB Cream because most I’ve found are really heavy on the skin plus I wanted one with SPF and found this one from L’Oreal and its a BB Cream that has little micro skin things that match to the colour of your skin tone, coolest thing I’ve ever used! and it is amazing. Highly recommend. Idk why I included Vaseline because I’ve been using it for years lol but I just bought a new pot of it last week so I think thats why I wanted to include it whoops. Underneath my foundation I have been loving using primer especially on summery hot days, primer is my best friend, and this Rimmel London one is perfect as it is not silicone based and I LOVE that as it doesn’t feel heavy or sticky on my face. You can see I couldn’t choose between concealers, I own so many drugstore ones but here’s two I picked up recently. The Lasting Perfection Concealer by Collection and the Seventeen Stay Time 24 Hour concealer I think its called… Well they’re both as great as each other! Cant go wrong they do the job what more do you want eh? Contour is definitely my favourite part of my makeup routine, And both of these contour products are no strangers to my makeup collection. My favourite to contour with is the Sleek Contour Kit in Light it has the most perfect ashy shade, but all over bronzing I prefer the Bourjour Bronzing Powder as it’s not as dark and gives a all around glow to the skin. Moving onto eyes, my go to mascara and eyeliners have to be the Maybelline Falsies Mascara, as it is the BEST drugstore mascara to ever exists. Also my fave eyeliners are the Liquid liner from collection as its only £2.99 and it is jet black plus takes 1 min to apply on both lids, but if I have more time in the morning to go all out I would use Gel liner and the one from maybelline to be exact as it gives a beautiful define sharp liner look with a feline effect and its my favourite eyeliner EVER! ps I use the pointed silicone eyeliner brush from Real Techniques to apply it. Last but not least LIPPSSSSS it was hard narrowing it down to just 2 fave lippy products as I’ve bought so many recently. But I’ve recently been loving a pinkly browny nude lip with a bit of gloss, and The rimmel london kate lipstick in the shade 19 with the barry M toffee lipgloss on top is the most perfect combo, it creates that Kimmy K look that everyone thrives for! plus the lipgloss smells AMAZING!!!!!!! plus if you line your lips before everything like I would do using a rimmel london lipliner then you’re lips instantly look fuller!

Much love

Meru x

All these products were bought with my own money, these are my views.


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