Night Time Skincare Routine

P1000637For someone who wears as much makeup as I do, I’ve never been into skincare, purely because I’m lazy, but I do know how important it is to maintain healthy skin. I searched about the stores high-end and drugstore, but everything seem so complicated and time consuming to me, I slowly started to gather a bunch of products together that I know I loved also ones that my skin would actually benefit from. Plus I wanted my skincare routine to be fun and not turn it into a chore and something I wanted to do not something that I knew I had to do.

I narrowed my routine down to using these 6 products, I know it sounds a lot but I don’t use every single one of them everyday I would change it up between the 6.

I’m one to wear really heavy eye makeup on a daily basis and JUST cleansers never work for me. So I do use wipes *slaps wrist* but they do the job and work perfectly fine for me for taking my makeup off roughly. Once i’m finished that I would then use the Biore Balancing Cleanser because that stuff is amazing for removing all of your face makeup and leaving your skin super soft and clean. Plus its only Β£2.69 in T.j Hughes, can’t go wrong.

If i’m having a bad skin day and I have a lot of pores then I would use a easy face scrub that would instantly help banish pores, so I went for the Garnier Pure Active anti-blackhead deep pore wash, as it does the job and really does help to eliminate pores around the nose especially quickly.

Once I’ve finished cleaning my whole face from that days makeup I would want to bring the moisture back into my skin and feel more refreshed in these hot clammy nights I want something to sooth and cool my face, that’s when my Lush Eau Roma Toner Water comes in, all I do is spritz that on my face a few times, wait for it to dry as it leaves the skin smelling and feeling, amazingly fresh. After that I apply my Simple Revitalising Roll-on, which is a gel for under eyes to help puffiness and hydrate that part of the skin. It really does work I’ve seen such a difference since adding this into my skincare routine.

Last but not least I always moisturise before bed as that helps heal all my skin while I’m sleeping also it brings all the moisture back. I love this one from Simple as its very hydrating but light at the same time also it has SPF 15 which is useful for during the day.

Whats your favourite skincare picks?

Hope you enjoyed reading.

Much Love Meru x

*These are my views, the products in this post were all bought with my own money.


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