How I Deep Clean My Makeup Brushes

P1000681P1000679 I can’t be the only one who hates washing their makeup brushes?! But it is a must unless you want bacteria full, grubby makeup brushes. Also I can’t be the only one to hate using different products and spending so much money on a brush cleaner when frankly you can get one just as good half the price. For example I use the Johnson’s Baby Shampoo and it does my brushes wonders!!

It leaves them super soft, fluffy and does not dry out the bristles. It removes all the dirt and bacteria build up without damaging the brushes. It is a perfect way of cleaning your brushes especially if you are on a budget. I do like using my Mac brush cleanser for spot cleaning if I want a brush right there and then but it doesn’t deep clean them how I know you should be doing one a week at least.

1. Lay the grubby brushes out.

2. Get the bristles a bit damp with warm water making sure to keep the bristles pointed down the whole time.

3. Squeeze a tiny bit of the product onto your palm and rub the brush thoroughly in the palm of your hand getting rid of the dirt making sure to rinse with the warm water at the same time.

4. Give the brushes one sat squeeze as you don’t want soap in your brushes.

5. Lay them out flat of the bristles facing down to dry. I would usually wait over night until they are completely dry depending on how dense the brush it.

My camera died and I couldn’t find the battery charger so I wasn’t able to get an after picture of the brushes but just believe me when I say they turned out super soft and clean

Hope you enjoyed reading.

Give me suggestions on what other products I could use to clean my brushes?

Much Love

Meru x


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