Go To Bronzed Makeup Look





L’Oreal Paris True Match Foundation / Golden Beige

Bourjois Paris Bronzing Primer

Bare Minerals Loose Bronzing Powder / Warmth

MUA Blusher / Bon Bon

Seventeen Skin Wow 3 way Highlighter

Mac Eyeshadow / Espresso

Model. Co Kohl Pencil / Black 01

MUA Undressed Eyeshadow Palette

Clinique High Impact Mascara / 01 Black

I have to say bronzing and contouring is my favourite part of doing my makeup. It gives so much dimension and shape to the face you wouldn’t believe. Recently I picked up the Bare Minerals Loose Powder I absolutely love it but it’s enough to help me achieve the bronzed look I’m going for in my opinion.

To achieve this look I would first use my foundation which is this L’oreal one and can I say it is outstanding. Because of my oily skin I can never find a foundation that controls this however True Match does the job. It is almost a matte finish yet still dewy making the skin still look like skin which I love. Its perfect for covering harsh blemishes and redness. Plus I don’t need to use a powder when I have this on and honestly I hardly need to touch up with powered during a long day.

After that I would use the Bourjois primer on top to give a sculpted look to my cheeks and nose, it recommends to use this under foundation but I prefer it on top if I’m honest as it’s more visible then I would use the Bare Minerals powered as that gives a more bronzy look than contoured but it is gorgeous either way!

To finish off the face makeup I used my MUA blush in Bon Bon which just gives a natural pinky healthy glow, and the Seventeen Highlighter which brings a lot more dewiness back into the skin! Giving it the healthy bronzy glow that I’m tried to achieve.

For eyebrows I used my Mac eyeshadow and angled brush to quickly fill them in how I normally would do, but also I used this colour through the crease of my eye as its the perfect medium brown colour. I then used the lightest shade from my MUA palette to pack on the colour on the rest of my eyelid, this creates a simplistic eye look as I wanted the focus to be on the face makeup.

I didn’t want to go too fancy by using a gel liner as the focus draws to the eyes then, instead I took a easy smudge-able kohl pencil and ran that along the bottom and top lashes to give a grungy smokey look whilst looking simple at the same time, this one from Model. Co is perfect for that as it is very creamy and intensely black. Finally for mascara I had to use my go to favourite mascara, and that of course is the Clinique High Impact mascara, as it adds volume and drama without being clumpy or without having spidery looking lashes, what more could you ask for in a mascara?

Hope you enjoyed reading.

What are your favourite bronzers to use? Tell me in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Go To Bronzed Makeup Look

  1. I hate that Clinique High Impact Mascara. It clumps my lashes at one coat and when my first use, I had an allergic reaction to it. I think Maybelline the Rocket Volume Express is much more cheaper and better.


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