Top 5 Eyeshadow Palettes

P1000745 P1000748


Urban Decay Naked Basics

Urban Decay Naked 1

Urban Decay Naked 3

BH Cosmetics Forever Nude Palette

4 U 2 I-Pro Professional Eye Make-up Palette in Modern which I picked up in Dubai

Its no secret that when it comes to eyeshadow, I am an absolute neutrals girl and that will probably never change.

Above are my top five favourite (it was hard to narrow it down to just five).

As you can see I’m a massive Urban Decay fan when it comes to eyeshadows, I have 3 other more prior to the 3 in this picture but I would say they are more vibrant colour ones, if you want too see a blog post on them let me know in the comments.

Urban Decay never fails when it comes to eyeshadow. Each and every eyeshadow is very pigmented and non powdery at all, can’t go wrong? The naked 1 is my all time favourite palette to ever exists I have not found one that can replace it yet, but do you blame me? I mean look at it! It’s gorgeous. It consists of neutrals with golds that would suit a brown eye perfectly! Hence my love for it. The Naked Basics was kindly giving to me at my 17th birthday from one of my best friends, I honestly love this for travelling it is the most perfect palette. It is very compact and lightweight. Plus the neutral colours are amazing for everyday easy looks.The Naked 3 palette is a new one to my collection, I don’t love it as much as the Naked 1 but its pretty up there in terms of colour and quality, as it consists of beautiful rose gold colours that I would of never seen anyone else come up with! very unique urban decay! I tend to use the naked 3 palette if Plus you can’t go wrong with a free amazing brush with both naked 1 and 3 and title mini primer potions which is also my fave eye primer.

The next is one which has everything you need in one palette it is a life saver and it’s my BH cosmetics Forever Nude palette! It comes with 6 neutral shadows, 2 lip options, a highlighter and 2 blushes! AMAZING! I only payed £16 for this on ebay, abouslte bargain if you ask me! Amazing quality and for that price you can’t go wrong.

My last all time favourite is a new one in my collection, I use this a lot when I want to go for a smoked out eye look with a gold shimmer, perfect for a night out! These shadows are highly pigmented and you’ll be amazed at the price only £13!! Thats £1.60 per shadow! Insane I know, what an economical purchase this was. Plus golds and browns are my favourite shades of eyeshadows, just saying.

Meru x


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Eyeshadow Palettes

  1. Gosh this is like nude palette heaven for brown eyes! (which I have so this is exciting haha). I love that you included details about all of these. I hadn’t heard of two of these but the Naked palette’s have obviously caught my eyes. I do reviews and videos so it’s nice to see things reaffirmed on other platforms 🙂 Neutral girls unite!!

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    1. I know right, I love my neutrals!! yeah urban decay bring their A game when it comes to neutral eyeshadows, insane variety of colours, Thanks so much for the lovely comment, yeah all the way *high five* LOL! x

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