Drugstore Product of the Week!



Selling in boots stores world wide, priced at £2.99 (prices may vary)

Dry Shampoo is something is one of my holy grail items which gets used at least once a week! I’ve tried my fair share of them but have found that the best drugstore one is the Batiste Dry Shampoo. Having naturally very coarse thick hair I sadly cannot wash it every day as it would eventually fall out, this is when dry shampoo comes into play.

No one really likes the look of greasy roots, dry shampoo was made to give a washed clean look to the hair without making the hair feel thick or dirty.

Out of all of the dry shampoo’s I have tried so far this one is by far my favourite. A little spray of this to the roots of the hair goes a long way, it adds body and volume to the hair without the need for hairspray which is always a bonus. The one I have is the floral and flirty blush scent which smells INSANE!!! Batiste dry shampoo’s don’t leave a stiffness and crunchy feel to the hair which I find can happen a lot with some of the products on the market. I simply cannot live without dry shampoo, period.



3 thoughts on “Drugstore Product of the Week!

  1. I agree Mrs Khan, this is a fantastic piece of equipment in the hair and beauty industry. I had purchased it for my sister who has thick long hair and it really does work an absolute treat. Having also tried it myself (male) I’d definitely recommend it. I also agree it smells fantastic. Absolutely wonderful, love it, 10 stars from me !! :))


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