My Juvederm Smile Lip Filler Experience


So today’s blog post is a slightly controversial one to say the least, it’s about my recent interaction with lip fillers and my experience with it.

Thinking back to when I was a little girl just getting into makeup I always thought I had teeny lips especially my top lip and how they were not the same size or fullness. When I turned 17 I really got into makeup and the whole trend of big lips, I knew of girls in my local town that had got lip fillers and I was immediately hooked on the idea of it. Like most 17 year old that were still in school I did not have the money to pay for such an expensive treatment and this is the time when I researched the different clinics in my area, what would be going into my lips exactly, how the procedure works and how long it lasts. I said to myself that I would wait until I had the money and time to go through with this.

When I turned 19 I knew that this was the year I wanted to change my lips for the better, I saved up enough money. At this point I had watched so many different youtube videos on different peoples lip filler experience and how it worked out for them, at this point I knew enough about it that I was going into it confident and comfortable.

One of the most anticipated clinics/nurses in my area that were known for lip fillers was Ashleigh Todd Cosmetics, she is based all around the UK in areas such as Newcastle and Glasgow. She has had so many amazing reviews and I loved all the after pictures of every person she has done lip fillers on and I knew she was the one!

I booked my appointment on a Thursday just a couple of weeks after I contacted her, with no plans for the weekend, as I knew that would potentially be horrendous swelling and bruising.

The big day… when I got there we had a consultation, we discussed what filler I was looking for and the look I wanted to achieve in my lips, I knew from the get go I wanted one of the highest possible amount of Juvederum (no holding back at this point), the procedure was pretty easy, first she applied numbing cream which gave me a tingling sensation, then she just syringed away! Pretty quick, only took about 10 mins. Personally I did not find it as sore as I would of thought, just feels a bit uncomfortable and prickly, the procedure was done and my lips were BIG! Ashleigh had said that swelling after the procedure was totally normal considering I did get Juvederm Ultra Smile 3 which is one of the highest dosage of derma filler. She said that they would last around 9-11 months and I can come back any time after that to get a top up.

Couple of hours after the procedure.


It’s been a couple of months now since I got them done and I honestly couldn’t be more happier, super excited for my next appointment in the months to come.


Before and after.


Ashleigh’s Social Media: @ashleightoddcosmetics



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