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My Juvederm Smile Lip Filler Experience


So today’s blog post is a slightly controversial one to say the least, it’s about my recent interaction with lip fillers and my experience with it.

Thinking back to when I was a little girl just getting into makeup I always thought I had teeny lips especially my top lip and how they were not the same size or fullness. When I turned 17 I really got into makeup and the whole trend of big lips, I knew of girls in my local town that had got lip fillers and I was immediately hooked on the idea of it. Like most 17 year old that were still in school I did not have the money to pay for such an expensive treatment and this is the time when I researched the different clinics in my area, what would be going into my lips exactly, how the procedure works and how long it lasts. I said to myself that I would wait until I had the money and time to go through with this.

When I turned 19 I knew that this was the year I wanted to change my lips for the better, I saved up enough money. At this point I had watched so many different youtube videos on different peoples lip filler experience and how it worked out for them, at this point I knew enough about it that I was going into it confident and comfortable.

One of the most anticipated clinics/nurses in my area that were known for lip fillers was Ashleigh Todd Cosmetics, she is based all around the UK in areas such as Newcastle and Glasgow. She has had so many amazing reviews and I loved all the after pictures of every person she has done lip fillers on and I knew she was the one!

I booked my appointment on a Thursday just a couple of weeks after I contacted her, with no plans for the weekend, as I knew that would potentially be horrendous swelling and bruising.

The big day… when I got there we had a consultation, we discussed what filler I was looking for and the look I wanted to achieve in my lips, I knew from the get go I wanted one of the highest possible amount of Juvederum (no holding back at this point), the procedure was pretty easy, first she applied numbing cream which gave me a tingling sensation, then she just syringed away! Pretty quick, only took about 10 mins. Personally I did not find it as sore as I would of thought, just feels a bit uncomfortable and prickly, the procedure was done and my lips were BIG! Ashleigh had said that swelling after the procedure was totally normal considering I did get Juvederm Ultra Smile 3 which is one of the highest dosage of derma filler. She said that they would last around 9-11 months and I can come back any time after that to get a top up.

Couple of hours after the procedure.


It’s been a couple of months now since I got them done and I honestly couldn’t be more happier, super excited for my next appointment in the months to come.


Before and after.


Ashleigh’s Social Media: @ashleightoddcosmetics


Under The Weather


35a58099e421415b5d8bd0ba1faa4370 Hi Everyone!

I know I have been a bit MIA recently due to having the cold. I’ve been feeling like crap for the last week or so, thats why I wasn’t in the mood to blog because really my brain was not functioning properly, I feel like I’m slowly getting better and going to try and get into the swing of things again, I noticed every year this time I get really sick, I think it’s the weather change it does something to me!

Im going to share with you all just little things that have managed to cheer me up and make me feel a little bit better about myself this week.

1. Pinterest, I know it sounds really weird, how can a social media website make you feel better, but I love just searching for cute pictures and quotes on Pinterest that always seem to cheer me up! You should do the same if you’re feeling about down in the dumps. Tumblr is a good option too.

2. No makeup skin, personally I love no makeup skin all the time and if I could go everyday without having to wear makeup I totally would. Wearing no makeup makes your skin feel hydrated and clean. Exactly how I wanna feel when I’m not well.

3. Warm showers. I’ve never been one to have a bath instead of a shower, I totally prefer warm showers, but the occasional bath with a lush product wouldn’t hurt. Anyways, a warm shower just makes you feel relaxed and calm, whenever I’m sick especially I tend to get sore heads, a warm showers helps to sooth that pain.

4. The Xfactor, it’s that time of year again when the Xfactor comes back to our television screens and personally I love watching it, I feel like my saturday nights get a tiny bit better, me and my mum just sit and laugh in hysterics for ages at some of the ridiculous acts! That’s just a small way to cheer you up, plus a nice hot chocolate whilst you’re watching it will prove to be even better.

5. Going walks with my dog. I personally love walking my dog. My energy levels do decrease when I’m not well, but when I’m outside walking my dog for an hour or so the fresh air helps so much.

6. Sleep, and lots of it. Trust me it will get your energy back up and get rid of those bags!

Hope you are all having a great September so far, let me know what things you guys do when you’re not feeling great?

Meru x

Beauty Essentials For School

I think I might be late on the Back To School wagon, as here in Scotland people went back to school last week, well my sister did anyways.

As a new fresh leaver for school I wanted to share with you what I would usually take to school with me beauty essential wise and things to help you during your school day.

Most of the products that I am going to show you are affordable Drugstore makeup, because when I was in school I only used my makeup from Boots and kept my Mac makeup for special occasions, plus I would always keep my makeup natural for school, because I was lazy and wanted more time in bed in the morning.

P1000764 P1000771 P1000772

I would first take deodorant this one is a vaseline one which is my favourite as it smells amazing, I noticed that I seem to be quite picky with my deodorants, also a little bottle of either perfume or body spray I have this little one, which i believe it is Britney Spears perfume but don’t judge me haha! It smells amazing trust me :). I would take a little bottle as you don’t want it to take up too much space, plus if you have P.E that day perfume and body spray can come in handy!

When it was a hot day especially I would always take a packet of either makeup wipes or Wet Ones wipes, because when you have a full face of makeup on in school and you’re absolutely boiling, you just feel like you need to take it all off and feel a bit more fresh! Using a makeup wipe will help ensure this as it cleanses your face instantly and you’ll feel more cool down.

I would take a hand sanitiser for you know keeping clean and everything, kind of self explanatory. The one I have here is from Bath and body works I believe, which my friend picked up for me in Florida.

I would always either taken a lip balm or a lipgloss to school or sometimes both. Two cheap options from the Drugstore, simple vaseline, and I have a cheap lipgloss from Barry M my favourite drugstore lipgloss as well as it’s the perfect nude colour.

Also a miniature mascara, won’t do any damage, as mascara’s tend to have quite chunky packaging, the only miniature one I had in collection was this Clinique one, which happens to be my all time favourite high end mascara.

A power is the most essential beauty product for me in school, as my T zone tends to get quite oily throughout the day, so a little touch up with powder is always good. This one I have hear is a beauty bloggers favourite and it’s the Rimmel Stay Matte. Very cheap and very good. Concealer is always a good choice to bring personally for me it is, because I have quite ugly dark circles which need covered up with ALOT of concealing. I have this one from Seventeen which is really cheap coming at £2.99 I think plus it has a lot of product in the tube!

I always took two different types of makeup brushes to school one small one for my concealer and one bigger one to apply my powder.

Last but not least is a mirror so that you can actually see what your applying.

Thanks for reading, Much Love

Meru x


Life Lately via Instagram #1

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July Favourites

P1000714I actually have not been loving many new products this month, and I noticed most of my beauty favourites have been things that I’ve had for a while but rediscovered and now loving even more than when I first bought them!


1) I wouldn’t say I’m a massive fan of pink shimmery colours on the lips, but velvetgh0st from Youtube sold me on this one! It’s Mac Lustre Lipstick in the shade Plink! It is a perfect moisture full lipstick that gives a lovely light sheen to the lips and I love it that is it.

2) I had this in my skincare collection for a while now but not used it yet because it was a weird one until about two months ago I thought I would try it and I am loving it! I use it in the morning when I apply moisturising and I do the same at night and it totally helps my eye bags stay at bay! Perfect little product.

3) I haven’t been one to branch out to loose or mineral products but my mum has had this Bare Minerals powered bronzer for a while but never tried it because it was too dark for her. Being the bronzer/contour fanatic that I am I had to try it, and can I say I’m in love, it is so light on the skin and natural looking yet perfect for tanned skin and gives that contour sculpted cheeks affect! My go to bronzer right now.

4) Honestly I was getting sick of applying my face makeup with a brush because I would always find that every brush would make my foundation streaky, maybe it was just the way I applied it who knows *laughs at self* but my sister gave me one of her DUPE’S for the real beauty blender and can I just say again.. that I am in love! It makes my skin look airbrushed and flawless and makes the foundation go on so seamless even though it is a dupe you could never tell because it works wonders!

5) So many people have raved about this so I had to get a sample and try it out instead of buying it full price. It is the Clinque High Impact Mascara and the BEST mascara I have ever tried. It gives volume x100 whilst lengthening the lashes! My all time favourite mascara.

6) And going back to basics… see what I done there;). I re-discorved my love for the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette and I love it for everyday use as it is so compact and perfect for everyday looks.


I have been loving Ed Sheeran’s new album which is just outstandingly amazing and probably his best yet! Expected from him

Thanks for reading, let me know in the comments what you have been loving from the month of July?

Meru x

*These are my opinions only.

How to dress for work: good labels to look for

There is so many clothes out there that is a given, but there are specific makes and brands that tailor and make clothes to fit specific events and for specific requirements.

AT THE EXPENSIVE END Alexander McQueen does a selection of suits and jackets very sexy but appropriate too for work.

Chloe – blouses and dresses to take out a mortgage for.

Paul Smith for suits and dresses

Stella Mccartney specialises in tailoring and she seems to becoming into her rather fabulous prime.

Joseph – not exactly a label but a shop that understands the need to combine proper grown-up clothes with a good dollop of fashionable fizz. its rocker trousers are a staple in many a working woman’s wardrobe.


Betty Jackson knows how to cut a jacket so that its feminine, easy to wear and slots into the working wardrobe.

Diane von Furstenberg’s dresses may be a bit ubiquitous, but she keeps ringing the changes with fabrics and colours.

Anna Sui does great dresses, some brilliantly demure in a kind of sexy nanny way. P

hillip Lim is a label stocked by that I love and that is reasonable priced for what he offers.

MaxMara usually has great coats, jackets and dresses.

Sara Berman does brilliantly wearable versions of hot fashion trends.





Zara – for dresses, jackets and coats

Marks and Spencers – for good trousers and jackets. Check our the Limited Collection and Autograph.


Dorothy Perkins

hope you enjoyed reading this.

– Meru xo