Beauty Essentials For School

I think I might be late on the Back To School wagon, as here in Scotland people went back to school last week, well my sister did anyways.

As a new fresh leaver for school I wanted to share with you what I would usually take to school with me beauty essential wise and things to help you during your school day.

Most of the products that I am going to show you are affordable Drugstore makeup, because when I was in school I only used my makeup from Boots and kept my Mac makeup for special occasions, plus I would always keep my makeup natural for school, because I was lazy and wanted more time in bed in the morning.

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I would first take deodorant this one is a vaseline one which is my favourite as it smells amazing, I noticed that I seem to be quite picky with my deodorants, also a little bottle of either perfume or body spray I have this little one, which i believe it is Britney Spears perfume but don’t judge me haha! It smells amazing trust me :). I would take a little bottle as you don’t want it to take up too much space, plus if you have P.E that day perfume and body spray can come in handy!

When it was a hot day especially I would always take a packet of either makeup wipes or Wet Ones wipes, because when you have a full face of makeup on in school and you’re absolutely boiling, you just feel like you need to take it all off and feel a bit more fresh! Using a makeup wipe will help ensure this as it cleanses your face instantly and you’ll feel more cool down.

I would take a hand sanitiser for you know keeping clean and everything, kind of self explanatory. The one I have here is from Bath and body works I believe, which my friend picked up for me in Florida.

I would always either taken a lip balm or a lipgloss to school or sometimes both. Two cheap options from the Drugstore, simple vaseline, and I have a cheap lipgloss from Barry M my favourite drugstore lipgloss as well as it’s the perfect nude colour.

Also a miniature mascara, won’t do any damage, as mascara’s tend to have quite chunky packaging, the only miniature one I had in collection was this Clinique one, which happens to be my all time favourite high end mascara.

A power is the most essential beauty product for me in school, as my T zone tends to get quite oily throughout the day, so a little touch up with powder is always good. This one I have hear is a beauty bloggers favourite and it’s the Rimmel Stay Matte. Very cheap and very good. Concealer is always a good choice to bring personally for me it is, because I have quite ugly dark circles which need covered up with ALOT of concealing. I have this one from Seventeen which is really cheap coming at £2.99 I think plus it has a lot of product in the tube!

I always took two different types of makeup brushes to school one small one for my concealer and one bigger one to apply my powder.

Last but not least is a mirror so that you can actually see what your applying.

Thanks for reading, Much Love

Meru x



Lip Product Addict TAG



So I’ve seen this tag floating about Youtube for a while, and I’ve seen it now and then on different blog’s, which is the Lip Product Addict Tag which you can see by the title of course, this tag was created by the amazing Amelia Liana and Essie Button you can watch their video here.

This was quite a hard tag for me as I have accumulated many different lipsticks and lip balm’s and everything to do with lips over the past 3 years or so thereforeI have quite a lot to choose from, but I narrowed it down and here is my take on this tag.


1. Favorite balm/treatment?

Nivea vanilla and macadamia lip butter for sure! It leaves the lips moisturised for hours underneath lipstick or own its own, also it smells devine, I have tried other scented balms from this collection and they’re just not the same. This one stands out by far. You can buy it here.

2. Best eye-catching red?

Rimmel London Colour Sensation Lipstick in the shade Fatal Red is the most eye-catching as it is so dark but vibrant at the same time, also it last’s SOO long on the lips, the colour literally wouldn’t fade until you wanted it to. Plus it is stunning for AW time as its very vampy and suits that time of the month. You can buy it here.

3. Best luxury & best drugstore?

One of my best luxury products has to be a new one to my collection that I got sent, it is from New Cid Cosmetics and its a lip and cheek tint crayon in the shade 9055 Rose Tint. I personally am amazed as I have never seen a lip crayon which can also be used as a blush colour! and honestly its so worth the price! its a beautiful dusky pink colour looks shimmery on the stick but I would say it is almost glossy. You can purchase is here.

Best drugstore would have to be the MUA lipsticks as they are only £1!!! You can’t really go wrong there, plus their colour range is amazing! Definitely would recommend to anybody, they’re available to buy in superdrug.

4. Best MAC lipstick?

My all time favourite MAC lipstick would have to be Captive which is a lightish purplel colour with browny pink under tones. I love how it suits my skin tone perfectly and looks flawless with any makeup, also the colour is not very dark and daunting therefore it is suitable for all seasons in my opinion. You can buy it here.

5. The most disappointing?

This was hard as I haven’t found a lip product that is very disappointing but if I had to say I would say is the Maybelline Baby Lips. I’m specifically talking about the first collection of Baby Lips they brought out in the UK, they’re very disappointing for me because they just don’t do anything but smell nice, the hype around I think was for nothing.

6. Liner – yes or no?

Depends sometimes if I’m feeling it that day I will wear it, sometimes I won’t. I really have been loving wearing liner with a strong bold lipstick as lining your lips makes the lips look more defined and put together, but I wouldn’t line my lips if I was to wear a nude lipstick as it really doesn’t make a different on my lips.

7. Best gloss?

I’ve said this in another blog post but my best lipgloss is Barry M’s Toffee lipgloss, as I am one to wear a nude lip on a daily basis I usually like a gloss on top and this one literally matches every nude lipstick plus it smells amazing and it is no sticky at all. 10 points for you Barry M. You can buy it here.

8. Something extra!

For this question I had no idea what to put here! but with some hard thinking I realised I might as well give some credit to the product that keeps my lips fresh and smooth, which is the Lush lip scrub in Bubblegum, they also do different scents but this one has to be my favourite! The only thing I would say that I dries out like the oil in the product dries out after 6 months as I went through a stage of not using it and it just turned into little grains of sugar with no moisture 😦 you can buy it here.

Hope you enjoy reading.

Much love

Meru x


*These are my views only.